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Photovoltaic solar panels are created in two forms: mono-crystalline and polycrystalline.

Mono-crystalline, or single crystal solar panels, are manufactured primarily through the Czochralski process. The silicon crystal ignots created for the photovoltaic solar panels through this process are cut into thin slices using a wire saw. On these silicon crystal ignots, conductive wires and screened onto the surface. This comprises a photovoltaic solar panel. Mono-crystalline cells, although more expensive, are much more efficient than poly-crystalline photovotlaic solar panels.

Poly-crystalline, or a solar panels with multiple crystals, start with molten silicon. The silicon is cut from a buole. The shapes that are cut are grown and connected with conductive wires. Poly-crystalline photovoltaic solar panels offer a lower efficiency than mono-crystalline solar panels.

Typically, homeowners purchase poly-crystalline cells. They are cheaper than mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar panels. Mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar cells are used when not enough roof space is available. But more important that choosing between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline is selecting a quality brand.

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